9 Cool Ways to Get Paid to Play Mahjong

Were you part of the generation playing the beloved, tile-based game Mahjong, glued to your family’s dial-up desktop computer? Back then, it was all about passing the time with no financial gain. In recent years, you can now put your Mahjong skills to good use and actually earn real rewards for the time you spend playing.

Now that it’s possible to make money playing mobile games, Mahjong enthusiasts are coming out of the woodwork. What sets Mahjong apart from the other games on the market is its relaxing appearance and play design that lets players get in the zone while matching tiles to clear the board.

Some rounds are timed, while others limit the number of moves players can make. Or, just keep playing until there are no additional viable moves.

If you already enjoy playing Mahjong, keep reading to find out how you can get paid doing something you love. Download Mahjong today to help boost your income.

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9 Ways to Get Paid to Play Mahjong

There are many versions of this game that pay real money, regardless of your skill level. Check out these options to see which would fit into your lifestyle and give you some extra cash.

1. Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions is a free game available on InboxDollars, a rewards site that will give you access to the game once you sign up. InboxDollars members play games like Mahjong to earn free scratch cards with instant cash wins.

When you sign up for an InboxDollars account, you will receive a $5 welcome bonus, and you will be able to cash out as soon as you reach a minimum of $10.

Play Mahjongg Dimensions for free and earn money with scratch cards. Any winnings will be deposited into your InboxDollars account. This money can be withdrawn via Visa or PayPal cash, or request free gift cards to places like Target, Sephora, and Amazon.

2. Mahjong Solitaire Cube

Skillz Inc.’s Mahjong Solitaire Cube is a fun twist on two classic games – Solitaire and Mahjong. If either of these reminds you of your childhood in a nostalgic way, you should definitely check out Mahjong Solitaire Cube.

This game is available on Androids and iPhones. Play the card game and earn money by competing against other users. Clear the board before the timer runs out, and then your score will be compared to your opponent’s to determine the winner.

Play the free version or pay a small entry fee to compete in the cash tournaments and play Skillz games for money. Withdrawals are made via check in the United States or PayPal internationally.

3. Mahjong

Mahjong is available on the Skillz Inc. platform and is playable on both Android and Apple devices. This game is specifically dedicated to tournament-style gaming, meaning you can compete against players from around the world for real money. Unlike other games, this option does not use A.I. opponents.

The object of this game is to clear the board faster and earn more points than your opponents. Increase your earning potential by gaining bonuses and using combos. Choose different gaming themes to boost your energy as you play for money.

Play the free rounds until you feel confident enough in your skills to begin entering tournaments. When you’ve won, withdraw your funds immediately or keep them in your Skillz wallet to cash out later.

4. Mahjong Tile Attack

Play Mahjong online for money with the Mahjong Tile Attack game available on Skillz Inc., which has a 4.6 out of 5 rating. Real player ratings report that this game is fun, entertaining, and worth the time for the payout.

Play the free matches to practice your skills before entering the tournaments. Face off with other players for the chance to win real money.

Clear the tiles as quickly as you can. At the end, your score will be compared with your opponent’s to see who gets to take home the cash. Withdraw your winnings via PayPal internationally, or receive a physical check in the U.S.

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5. Write a Mahjong-Inspired Blog

If you’re a naturally gifted writer, start a Mahjong-focused blog where you can share your love of the game, advice for others hoping to start successfully playing, and your favorite Mahjong features.

Your blog can also include tips and tricks for playing and reviews about the many Mahjong games on the market.

Post consistent and helpful content to encourage loyal readers to keep coming back for more Make money by incorporating ads and affiliate links onto your blog. Get paid when a reader clicks on the ads or makes a purchase using your unique links.

6. Create a Mahjong YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great source of helpful information. If you are already a Mahjong pro, create a YouTube channel that helps other players learn more about the game.

Making real money from Mahjong requires strategy and skill. Use your videos to provide your audience with your learned tips and tricks, or go live so that your viewers can watch you play in real time.

Make money with YouTube through affiliate links and ads, and get paid for the views on each video, plus even more if a viewer uses your link to make a purchase. Upload consistent and helpful Mahjong videos so that your audience will return to your channel.

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Other Ways to Play Mahjong for Money

Find additional ways to get paid to play Mahjong by joining other platforms to increase your earning potential.

7. Mistplay

Mistplay is a reputable Android app that houses hundreds of mobile games. Earning with Mistplay will depend on how often you play the platform’s games and how quickly you can level up. You will be rewarded in units that can later be turned into cash.

Visit the Mistplay shop to see how many units you have to cash in. Some of the reward options require a specific number of units before you can cash out. When you withdraw, select gift card rewards to Xbox, Google Play Store, Uber Eats, and more.

Mistplay is always evolving its gaming library. If a Mahjong game option isn’t currently available, find other games similar to it to play. Keep checking out Mistplay for updates to the gaming library to see if a Mahjong-specific game becomes available.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-known site that has paid millions of dollars to its members for completing a variety of tasks, including playing mobile games.

Play Mahjong for real money on the Swagbucks site. To get started, search for Mahjong and then carefully read the game’s rules to find out which level you need to complete in order to earn rewards.

If Mahjong isn’t currently available on Swagbucks, check out similar games and continue to revisit the site, as games are updated frequently and Mahjong may become available in the future. The SBs that you earn while playing mobile games will be credited to your Swagbucks account.

When you are ready to cash out, use the Swagbucks shop to select a reward like gift cards to Amazon or Target, a  Visa card, or a PayPal deposit. You will be given a $10 signup bonus when you create a new Swagbucks account.

9. InboxDollars

Find a variety of Mahjong games to play for money on InboxDollars. Game developers use InboxDollars to connect with users like you who can play their games.

You will be rewarded for your play time once you’ve reached a certain point in the games. Continue playing or find another Mahjong-style game to help you earn even more money.

Withdraw your earnings in the form of gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, or other well-known stores and restaurants, or via a PayPal deposit. You will also receive a $5 welcome bonus when you create your account.

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Mahjong is Entertaining and Lucrative

Mahjong is a classic for a reason. It’s provided fun, skill, and relaxation to many generations of gamers, and is now also an option for real cash earnings. Its simple, yet strategic, style keeps players coming back for more.

This is a peaceful game, so if you are looking for action, this won’t meet the standard. But it will provide play time that is engaging and keeps you thinking about strategy the whole time. The fact that you can now get paid to play Mahjong is just a bonus to the already great game.

Try any of the ideas listed above to play Mahjong for money. Try one or more of them to figure out the most lucrative option for you.

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