14 Mysterious Ways to Get Paid to Do Puzzles

For puzzle enthusiasts looking for a twist on their favorite pastime, getting paid to solve puzzles might sound too good to be true. Our article unveils several exciting avenues where your knack for solving puzzles can actually earn you money. From mobile apps to online platforms, we’ll guide you through the top ways to turn your puzzle-solving skills into a profitable hobby, offering insights into how each option works and what you can expect in terms of rewards.

It may be hard to believe, but something as simple as putting puzzles together can make a difference in your mental state and even help your brain function better in the future. 

According to Baylor College of Medicine, puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. Because of the concentration needed to put a puzzle together, this improves your short-term memory and problem-solving abilities.

It truly is a perfect match when you combine jigsaw puzzles with opportunities to make money. Not only are you gaining financially, but your mental capacity benefits as well. And there are actually ways that you can get paid to do puzzles and play puzzle games so that you can maximize your health and wealth.

People everywhere use puzzles to decrease stress and wind down from a busy day. But if you do them for a living, you may find your stress levels will stay at bay. From this curated list of ways to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles and play puzzle games, you will likely find the opportunity you didn’t know you needed until now.

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14 Relaxing Ways to Get Paid to Play Puzzle Games

1. Puzzle Games on Kashkick

Kashkick puzzle games

Compare options on a variety of platform to ensure you’re earning the most money for your playtime. Kashkick is another website that brings additional puzzle games for money to the table. You can sort the current games by type to find the ones that pay the most and fulfill your desire to solve puzzles.

Kashkick pays its members in PayPal cash. You’ll need to earn at least $10 before you can request a payment. Start playing puzzles games and earning cash in your spare time.

2. Puzzles Games on Freecash

puzzle games on Freecash

Freecash offers the most extensive selection of puzzles games you can play for real money. Ranging from a few cents in your pocket to as much as $905, you can find a game that meets your needs in both income and entertainment.

Both Android and iPhone users can choose from the variety of puzzles games available on Freecash. The operating system of your device will determine the maximum amount of money you can earn. Download and play new games, achieve various checkpoints, and cash out your earnings.

Freecash pays its members in PayPal cash or a bank transfer, or you can choose from a variety of gift cards including Visa, Amazon, Apple, or Google Pay.

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3. Puzzle Games that Pay Real Money on Swagbucks

Sign up with a free account on Swagbucks to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles online. Swagbucks is a popular platform that offers different ways people can make extra money on the side. It is not a site that can be used to replace your full-time income, but you can complete tasks like doing puzzles for some side money.

Swagbucks has a feature that includes playing games like Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles as well as Play Puzzles & Survival. Start playing these games that pay real money for reaching different levels within the games.

With Swagbucks, you earn SBs for each task completed. The more puzzle games you play, the more SBs you can earn. Trade in your SBs for rewards like PayPal cash, Visa gift cards, or gift cards to big-name retailers. Combine your earnings with your $10 free money signup bonus for an even bigger cash out.

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4. Puzzle Games on InboxDollars

On InboxDollars, there are multiple ways you can get paid to do jigsaw puzzles online. InboxDollars is a free platform you can use to play puzzle games like Traffic Puzzle or Magic Jigsaw Puzzles.

Use the money you earn plus your free $5 sign-up bonus to cash out for prizes like direct PayPal deposits or free gift cards to places like Amazon and Target.

5. Puzzle Games that Pay Real Money on Mistplay

Mistplay is a trusted site that pays members for the time spent playing games on the platform. On Mistplay, you can find games like Sort Puzzle, Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game, Blockscapes – Block Puzzle, and BlockPuz – Jigsaw Puzzles.

Play these games from the palm of your hand any time, anywhere, and earn points for them. Those points can be used to cash in your rewards for things like Visa cash or free gift cards to Amazon, Google Play store, and more.

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More Ways to Make Money With Puzzles

Couple getting paid to do a jigsaw puzzle

In order to make money with puzzles, you will need to think outside the box if you want to replace your full-time income. Some of the following suggestions could take time before you see sizeable earnings from them.

6. Make and Sell Jigsaw Puzzles


Take control over your own puzzle career and actually design some to sell. This can be in the form of white labeling puzzles to match your own style or dropshipping puzzles with photography or graphics you design. You can also create fun children’s block or wood-style puzzles.

Sell your puzzle on your website and on social media. You can also make money with Amazon FBA selling puzzles. Additionally, there are options to partner with puzzle-making companies and create a private label for puzzles that you like. There are several ways you can make and sell puzzles, and you can choose what would work best for you.

7. Create a Puzzle Making YouTube Channel

You would be surprised to learn how soothing it can be to watch puzzle pieces getting put together to create a picture. People actually find calmness and satisfaction in watching others complete puzzles. Create your own YouTube channel and do exactly that.

Show your readers the next big puzzle you are working on. You can do this live or in a time-lapse video. Play soothing music in the background so that they can enjoy relaxation during the entirety of the video. On your videos, you can incorporate ads so that you can get paid to do puzzles. Companies pay you for adviews and any ad clicks that happen from your audience.

8. Start a Puzzle Niche Site

People often flock to niche sites for information about something they like. You can create one to talk about any topic from kittens to cupcakes and even puzzles. For the loyal puzzlers, your puzzle niche site could be exactly what they are looking for.

Give puzzle tips, tricks, share the latest deals, and recommend products to them. Become an affiliate of Amazon and other major retailers and recommend their products so that you can earn a commission from the sales.

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9. Offer Puzzle Design Services

Sign up with sites like Fiverr to offer puzzle design services. On Fiverr, people are connected with clients to perform any number of services. You could potentially get matched up with a client who wants a specific puzzle design. This means they would come to you with an idea and you would create designs that could be used on a puzzle.

If the first puzzle goes well, you might have more designs to offer the same client in the future. The Fiverr platform is known for entry-level work. You might find lower-paying opportunities at first until you can build up your skills and experience.

10. Become a Puzzle Tester

Puzzles need to get tested just like any other new toy or game out there. While it might seem simple enough to just make one and sell it, more steps are involved. A puzzle needs to be tested to understand the level of difficulty so that it can be sold to the appropriate age group.

Additionally, a tester is responsible to help companies understand what will sell best. For example, a tester might compare puzzles and decide which ones are the most attractive and why. This is valuable to the company since it helps their sales. 

As a puzzle tester, you can get paid on a contracted basis or you can get hired by companies directly depending on the job availability.

11. Enter Puzzle Making Contests

I don’t know too many people who don’t like friendly competition. That goes for puzzles as well. Take your hobby and puzzle skills with you to sign up for puzzle contests. Depending on the contests available, you can win hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Increase your winning odds by entering into multiple contests throughout the year.

More Ways to Get Paid While Doing Puzzles

Consider even more opportunities to get paid while doing puzzles. You might be surprised at how many things you can do while incorporating a puzzle to pass the time.

12. Bring Puzzles to Babysitting Gigs

Babysitters are hired based on their availability, qualification, and ability to be fun and caring. Children need an engaging sitter. This means someone who isn’t just planting them in front of the TV. This is the perfect time to break out a puzzle and do one with the children in your care.

Pick a puzzle that is age-appropriate for the children you are with. Get paid to babysit them while completing all kinds of puzzles.

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13. Complete Puzzles While Listening to Podcasts

In the podcast world, there are many opportunities to make money. One of those ways includes listening to the playbacks of podcasts as an audio engineer.

While you are listening to podcasts, complete a puzzle at the same time. This can be in the palm of your hands with online jigsaw puzzles or a physical puzzle you have set up in your office space. Use your creativity to get paid while doing puzzles.

14. Do Puzzles as a House Sitter

As a house sitter, you may be asked to temporarily live in someone’s home while they are away on vacation or business. This means you would be getting paid for the time you spend keeping someone else’s house safe while they are away.

Take this opportunity to bring a puzzle over with you during your stay. Building a puzzle can be a great way to stay busy while getting paid.

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Tease Your Brain With Puzzles While Making Money

It’s safe to say that doing puzzles is not a waste of time because they have so many mental benefits. That being said, it’s only logical to find ways to make money while doing those puzzles that keep your brain sharp. Choose one or a few of the ways listed here to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles.

Keep your mind sharp and your wallet full with opportunities to get paid to do puzzles. Your future mental acuity will thank you for the time you spent keeping your brain sharp.

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