Solitaire Cube Promo Code for MAX Bonus: APget5

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Honestly, who doesn’t like a good game of Solitaire? If you haven’t yet learned about all the buzz around Solitaire Cube, now is the time to head over to Skillz to download it.

If you already have Solitaire Cube downloaded, then you understand why someone like me enjoys playing it. My secret is that the promo code actually got me into the game.

I’ve been skeptical about all these new games coming up. But having a promo code to try a game really intrigued me.

You are likely here because you heard about the same Solitaire Cube promo code opportunity. If you are like other gamers, you are asking the question, “What is a Solitaire Cube promo code and where can I find one?”

The good news is that I have the answers for you right here and I will gladly share how you can get your Solitaire Cube promo code. Stick around to see how you can get the free cash bonus to play Solitaire for real money.

What is a Solitaire Cube Promo Code?

A promo code is a specially curated set of alphanumeric characters that is used in some kind of marketing strategy or to give special deals to those who have it. It is an exclusive entry into whatever is being advertised. If you don’t have the promo code, you can’t get the free cash.

A Solitaire Cube promo code specifically gives players free bonus cash. If you want to take advantage of the current $15 bonus cash opportunity, simply make your first two deposits to Skillz to qualify. The deposits don’t have to be extravagant either; a simple $2 will do.

The $15 bonus cash is broken up into two payments. When you make your first deposit, you will get $10. The remaining $5 will be awarded to you after you’ve made your second deposit.

Keep in mind that you don’t lose the money you deposit. You can turn around and use those funds to play Skillz games for actual money.

Enter the Skillz promo code APget5 and get FREE bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

Where Can I Find My Solitaire Cube Promo Code?

Skillz Inc. actually makes this part very easy for all players. No matter how long you’ve been playing Solitaire Cube, Skillz has already created your promo code so that you can start earning even as a day one player.

The username you created when you opened up your Skillz account is your promo code. The tricky part about using a promo code is that you have to use someone else’s code in order to qualify. You can’t use your own promo code.

Your promo code is specific for referring others to the platform. So, you can’t refer yourself if you already have an account. But you can still get the Solitaire Cube bonus cash by using the “APget5” promo code.

Additionally, it will be helpful for you to keep up with the new and current promotions being offered by Skillz. You can do this by frequently checking the side menu. These promotions will be helpful for you to make more money playing legit cash games.

How to Use a Solitaire Cube Promo Code to Play for Free

If you want to get in on the action to start playing Solitaire Cube, then there are a couple of ways you can use a promo code to play for free. The first part includes using APget5, making your two deposits, and then getting a $15 bonus. The second part comes when you share your promo code with friends and family so that you can earn a bonus for each person who uses your promo code.

Use Solitaire Cube Free Money Promo Code APget5

It’s a simple process to get started with a promo code. Open up your Solitaire Cube game and select the icon that resembles a shopping cart. Use the “Enter Promo Code” feature to input APget5. Hit the “Done” button when you are ready.

You are now on your way to getting the $10 free bonus cash once you’ve made your first deposit. An additional $5 will be applied following your second deposit. Remember, deposits can be as small as $2 to count for the bonus cash.

Share Your Promo Code to Get Even More Free Money

Your promo code is like a golden ticket to making more money just by sharing Solitaire Cube from the Skillz platform. When someone uses your code, Skillz pays you for that referral. This bonus will be reflected into your account after the person makes their first deposit into their Skillz account.

Incentivize your referrals by sharing with them that they can make money playing cards as well. Explain that they will get $10 when they use your promo code and make their first deposit. In addition to that, they will get $5 after their second deposit. You will also make $10 and $5 following their deposits. It’s a win-win.

The best part is that you are not capped out at how many referrals you can have. This means you can make an unlimited amount of money just by sharing your Solitaire Cube promo code. Share it on your social media pages and talk about it with friends and family to increase the number of people using your promo code.

What is Bonus Cash on Solitaire Cube?

When you see the term “bonus cash”, this means that the cash there is unavailable for withdrawal from the app. However, it can be used to play Solitaire Cube for real money. And when you win the Solitaire Cube games, you can win cash prizes that can be withdrawn from the app.

If you have both real cash and bonus money in your Solitaire Cube game at the same time, the wagers that you make to enter competitions will pull a certain amount from bonus cash (10%) and a certain amount from the real cash balance (90%). Once you win, the bonus cash that was used will be returned to you and the remainder will be available to withdraw from the app.

It’s important to understand that once you have made your withdrawal, any bonus cash that is left over will be forfeited.

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Bonus Cash Example

A new player makes their first deposit into their Skillz account of $2. This means they will be rewarded with their first $10 bonus cash. Now, the player has $12 to use to start playing Solitaire Cube competitively against other players.

If this player puts $0.60 towards the game as a wager, $0.06 will be taken from the bonus cash and the remaining $0.54 will be taken from the real cash balance. Once the player wins, their new balance will be $12.40– $10 will be the bonus cash and the other $2.40 will be the real cash.

If at any time the $2 real cash is exhausted while they are playing the game, then the player can still keep going in the game using real money each round using 100% bonus cash. Winning the next round means real cash will be added to the player’s account. This cycle continues.

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Playing with Solitaire Cube Free Money Can Be Lucrative

Solitaire Cube is one of the best games to play for real money. However, if you want to win actual money, you do have to put some skin in it by paying your entry into the competitive games against other paying players. So while you can’t necessarily withdraw your bonus cash that you earned from promo codes, you can use that money to pay towards games where you can win big money.

As with any other game you likely play, there is never a guarantee that you will actually win. It is a risk you take when you play. On the contrary, if you don’t try, then you are guaranteed to never win anything. That’s why it is great to have the option to earn the free bonus cash. That way you aren’t having to spend too much upfront.

Start with the “APget5” promo code. Get a taste for what it is like to use your Skillz account to win money with Solitaire Cube. If you have the time to share your promo code often and play one of your favorite games as much as you can, there’s no telling how much money you can make playing Solitaire Cube.

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