9 Creative Ways to Get Paid to Play Minecraft

If you’ve spent countless hours building and exploring in the world of Minecraft, you’re not alone. Many have turned their passion for this game into a source of income, and you could be next. Read on to explore the various ways to make money playing Minecraft, from creating and selling in-game items to entering tournaments, giving you the blueprint to transform your hobby into a profitable venture.

People are just plain tired of flocking to corporations to look for jobs. The cubicle life is a place of mundane tasks that workers dread repeating day in and day out. Many are left asking themselves if there is more to life than this. The answer is a resounding “yes!” There are other ways you can make money that are more fun, like by playing Minecraft stress free for hours on end.

A whole generation has grown up playing Minecraft since its release over a decade ago. Those kids who started playing when it was new are now in the workforce, but they still love the game. If you are someone who loves building skyscrapers from block materials, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops and stop hiding it because it could actually bring in some good money.

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9 Ways to Make Money Playing Minecraft

While it sounds fun to play games for real money, some of the specific ways to get paid to play Minecraft require strategic planning and hard work. The trick here is to keep an open mind so that you can leverage opportunities for a higher income.

1. Stream Your Gameplay

The number one way most gamers in general make extra money is by streaming their games live. You could do the same thing by streaming when you log on to play. Minecraft is a visually fun game both to play and watch. You could make it more entertaining for viewers to watch as they get live action on your reactions in the game.

This could be an opportunity to make the game more fun by taking on the Ender Dragon, giving a play-by-play of what you are building in the game, and talking to your chat. There are many ways to stream and an abundance of viewers who will watch your streams.

Streamers use a platform called Twitch, which allows them to collect subscribers and receive donations on their channel. Sign up for your own account and get paid to play Minecraft.

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2. Sell Your Creations on the Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft’s partner program allows experienced players to sell their creations to other players. If you have experience designing in-game items you’ve shared with the Minecraft community, then this could be a lucrative odd job for you.

Apply to the program using your Microsoft account and provide your portfolio of Minecraft items. These could include things like skins, maps, add-ons, and more. If the Minecracft partner team likes your content, you could be accepted to create and sell items on the Minecraft marketplace.

Blockworks, Noxcrew, and BDcraft are some of the prime examples of high-performing Minecraft partners. Use your designing skills to add new content to the gaming community and make money playing Minecraft.

3. Start Your Minecraft YouTube Channel

YouTube is a popular platform used to make extra income. Create your own YouTube channel and make content specifically around playing Minecraft. You can use your channel to go live with your audience while you play the game and answer any questions they have. You can also choose to create gaming guides like “how to’s” or give out your top secrets for the game.

As a YouTuber, you have the option to get paid for your content on the platform. Many YouTubers incorporate ads on their channel so that they can make money for every view they get on their videos. Some ads will pay you even more if viewers click on the ads. You can also work with gaming gear sponsors to make even more money.

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4. Paid Membership Facebook Group for Minecrafters

Paid membership groups are easy to set up on Facebook. Simply create a group page and instruct those who want to join to pay their fee at a checkout link you create. This could be a small monthly membership fee or you can request a one-time join fee.

With paid membership fees, you have the ability to create specialized content like answering questions about the games, creating fun matches against players, or even offering giveaways. It’s your group so you can choose the kind of Minecraft content you want to create, so long as the content abides by Facebook’s rules.

5. Create a Minecraft Niche Site

A niche site offers a creative space to express yourself in written form as well as make money at the same time. Add content creation at the top of your list of ways to get paid to play Minecraft. Create guides for the game, hacks, player secrets, and more to entice readers to keep coming back to your site.

As a niche site creator, you have the opportunity to make money. Incorporate ads on your articles as a start. Ads can pay you per click or per view, depending on the company. What will really boost your income will be affiliate links. Use your special link to send viewers to Minecraft and general gaming products you recommend. If viewers make a purchase using your affiliate link, then you earn a commission from that sale.

Keep pumping out Minecraft content to stay relevant and to keep readers coming to you to buy products through your affiliate links.

6. Host Minecraft Trivia

Everyone loves a good game of trivia. You could host an online or in-person Minecraft trivia event to get paid to play Minecraft. Charge a small entry fee to enter into the game and offer door prizes. Encourage others to invite their friends to join so that you can increase your income and fund larger prizes.

Trivia nights offer a monetary reward. Keep a certain percentage of the buy-in money for hosting the event and funding any prizes and the remaining money can be used as a reward for the team that wins the trivia game. Ask questions about the game, encourage people to dress up, and have fun.

7. Create an Online Course

For people who didn’t jump on the bandwagon of Minecraft when it first came out, maybe they are interested in learning how to play now. Create a fun and engaging online course about Minecraft to teach others how to play the game.

Start from the very basics such as how to create an account. Walk them through each step of getting their Minecraft game up and running. You can share some fun, level-specific secrets to help new players avoid traps and win faster. Set a price for the course and sell it on a platform like Samcart that hosts online courses. You could make an easy passive income with your Minecraft course.


8. Write a Minecraft eBook

Viewers like to get into the heads of players they like watching on Minecraft. You could let them in on your secrets to the game and why the game is so interesting for you. Create and sell an eBook that shares this information with them for a small price.

eBooks are a great way to generate income while you sleep or play Minecraft. Generally, they aren’t very expensive to purchase and are available to consume immediately. Make your Minecraft eBook interesting and resourceful so that other readers will refer more players to buy your eBook.

9. Minecraft Tournaments

Minecraft tournaments can be featured in-person or virtually. Essentially, you find a tournament that interests you and enter to play. There may be an entry fee to play. However, some popular gamers like Mr. Beast hosts tournaments for free.

For example, Mr. Beast allowed hundreds of his subscribers to enter a Minecraft tournament. Whoever built the best structure won a monetary prize.

If you find Minecraft tournaments that offer prizes that would benefit you, don’t be afraid to enter them. The money you win in tournaments could help you fund your entire venture including upgraded gaming gear, faster internet service for streaming, and much more.

Minecraft Could Be the Extra Income Boost You Need

It goes without saying that having to get multiple jobs to make ends meet is a drag. Instead, you could supplement your income by playing a game that brings you joy so that it doesn’t feel like work. Choose from the list of ideas about how to get paid to play Minecraft.

From blogging to streaming and even hosting trivia nights, there are numerous ways you can make this a success. Focus your energy on one or more of the ideas listed here. Bring in that extra money sooner than later when you play Minecraft. You never know just how much you could actually make playing the game.

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