11 Baffling Ways to Get Paid to Take Quizzes

You’re exploring the world of taking quizzes for money and wondering if it’s really this simple and rewarding. It’s true that using the knowledge you already possess can turn into an easy way to earn extra cash. I’ll show you exactly how to get started with these legitimate online platforms and apps.

Life often feels like a game of picking up pieces of information and sorting them out like a puzzle. Some of that information is helpful while some of it seems like a waste of brain space. Just when you feel like your brain is full of useless information, consider how you can turn it into an opportunity to get paid to take quizzes.

Brush up on your knowledge and join trivia games for money. There is nothing better than getting paid for the knowledge you have. High quiz grades can help you appreciate just how much you have learned throughout life.

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11 Ways to Get Paid to Take Quizzes

1. Join Trivia Nights

Probably the most fun way to get paid to take quizzes is by joining trivia nights in your area. Local restaurants, bars, and other event centers regularly host trivia nights where there are monetary prizes for the winning team. Follow the rules set by the trivia event such as coming with a team or joining solo.

Most trivia nights are theme based such as Disney trivia, World War trivia, 90s trivia, music trivia, etc. Find themed trivia nights that interest you and play for money. You could walk away with a hefty prize.

2. Audition for Gameshows

You know games like Jeopardy audition individuals to come onto the show for a chance to win thousands of dollars based on their ability to answer questions spontaneously. Try auditioning for those types of shows so that you can get paid to take quizzes.

Study up on topics that will be covered in the game and engrave them in your mind so that you can recall quickly when the question pops up during the game. Chances are you will already know some of the information in the game. If you win, you could get paid some big bucks.

4. Trivia Crack Payday

Download the Trivia Crack Payday game on Skillz to get paid to take quizzes. This is a fun game that allows you to challenge opponents from all over the world to see who has the most knowledge. Playing Trivia Crack Payday means you are in it to win it.

Skillz is an online platform that pays players to compete online. You can find anything from quiz games to card games to classic bingo games that pay real money.

With Trivia Crack Payday, you will earn more points for each question you answer correctly. The object of the game is to answer more questions than your opponent so that you can win the most points. You have the chance to win actual cash by playing games. Safely withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

5. Quezztion Real Money Trivia

Earn money by answering quiz questions with Quezztion Real Money on Skillz. Quezztion is a cash game app that pays you for winning. Not only can you learn from this game by answering questions, but you can also get a decent payout when you play against other players and win.

Start out using the free matches to get a feel for the game and enhance your skills. When you are ready, join the cash prize games to compete for money. Withdraw your money when you are ready through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, or American Express.

6. Trivia of Cash

If you like the classic Wheel of Fortune game, then you will surely love Trivia of Cash on Skillz. Answer the trivia questions to solve the word puzzles. Compete with others to win actual money prizes. Use the free matches to level yourself up to play the cash games.

When you’re ready to get your earned money into your pocket, simply request a payout from Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

7. Mistplay

Download the Mistplay app to get full access to the library of games hosted on the platform. Once you find a quiz or trivia game that interests you, start playing and earning for the time you spend on the game. With Mistplay, you earn XPs when you meet certain milestones in the games and for however long you spend playing.

Turn your XPs into actual dollars by redeeming them for rewards in the Mistplay shop. Get Visa gift cards, or cash out for Xbox, Uber, and more. Check apps like Mistplay often as the games are frequently updated. There could be more chances to play trivia and quiz games.

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8. Swagbucks LIVE

Swagbucks is a popular platform users go to in order to earn money for completing tasks. On Swagbucks, you can now join the Swagbucks LIVE game show where you can get paid to take quizzes. It’s free to play against other real players. Simply download it to your phone and begin playing.

Answer questions before the timer runs out. Each player who wins is rewarded in the form of SBs. Redeem your SBs for gift cards or a withdrawal to your PayPal account. You must have a free Swagbucks account set up in order to play. Get a $10 signup bonus when you create an account.

9. InboxDollars Learn & Earn

Get paid to take quizzes daily with the InboxDollars Learn & Earn feature. You can answer a trivia question every day. It is a multiple-choice style so your chance of winning increases. You will earn cash or Scratch & Win progress just for answering. Even if you don’t get the answer right, you can still earn.

In order to play, you need to have a free InboxDollars account. Sign up today and get a $5 welcome bonus just for joining.

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More Ways to Get Paid to Take Quizzes Online

There are additional ways you can get paid to take quizzes online that don’t come directly from a gaming app or event. Check out the following suggestions to get paid even more for your knowledge.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the place to go if you are seeking ways to make a passive income by taking quizzes and playing trivia. Simply start your own channel and host trivia game nights for your viewers to watch. You can make it more engaging by inviting actual viewers onto your set to participate in live games.

The more viewers you get to watch your videos, the more money you could make. With a YouTube channel, you can make money through ads. For every ad click and view, you could make money. Additionally, you can include affiliate links in your videos to earn even more money.

11. Create a Blog on Quizzes

Blogs are a great way to talk about topics that interest you. If you love talking about trivia, quizzes, and any tips about them to share with your readers, you can create a blog around this topic and make money from it. As a blogger, stay consistent with your audience by publishing posts often. Be a helpful resource so that viewers keep coming to your blog when they need assistance.

Set up your blog to include ads and affiliate links. Get paid for each ad view, ad click, and make a commission if anyone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

The Real Question is Are You Ready to Make Money With Quizzes?

The biggest question to answer correctly in a quiz is if you are ready and willing to do what it takes to get paid to take quizzes. If your answer is “yes”, then you can start as soon as today if you wanted. The best part is that you don’t have to choose just one way to make money with trivia games. Pick any and all of your favorite ideas from this list.

Trivia games are the highlight of some people’s lives. If you are one of them, then don’t be afraid to pursue a way to make a living from it. From game shows to trivia game apps and even creating a YouTube channel, you have many options to make money doing something that interests you.

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